Management Programme

The management programme is a tool we wanted to develop to analyse the organisation and thrust of the Five Seas Hotel's sustainable development plan, implemented in 2015.

The following aspects are covered within its remit of actions and procedures: environmental, social, economic, cultural, quality, and health and safety.

It is dedicated to recording our progress strategy's continued improvements.

Guest Charter

The Guest Charter is directly accessible via the television in every room.

It invites our clients to discover the Five Seas Hotel's important commitments in terms of sustainable development, and encourages them to act responsibly during their stay.


The Five Seas Hotel team is committed to ensuring that guests with reduced mobility receive a flawless welcome.

We guarantee access to all of the establishment's services (restaurant, lounges, pool, spa, etc.), and offer two rooms which are 100% adapted to guests with reduced mobility. We also allow service animals.

Community Commitment

We want to make a contribution and give something back to the community and its environment. This involves, in particular, a strong link with non-profits.

The Five Seas Hotel is therefore partnered with many community organisations, including the Lions Club International, the Auguste Escoffier Foundation, HOPE Association...

To strengthen this link further as we implement our responsibility policy, we continue to develop new partnerships with community organisations working for the environment.